“She’s Headed to Where She Came From”

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Aug 1st, 2013
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The title of this post is what my mother said when she found out where I was headed.  Lemme explain.


My paternal great-grandfather made his way to Indiana from a small town in Maine.  I discovered this fact in the sixth grade when some over-zealous teacher decided that we should trace our genealogy.  I still think it was just a ruse to make us insolent teens go home and actually speak to our families.  And extended families.  And call that one aunt that had the family bible so she could read all the names and dates listed inside on that one page in the middle where you can record such things.  This is also when I discovered that my parents were “practically” married when I was conceived. What’s a few weeks between friends?   So…yeah.  fun assignment.


Anyway, I found myself in the general location of the small town where my great-grandfather was born while on vacation.  Bath, Maine.  So naturally, I got all nostalgic for a place I’ve never been.  Makes sense, right?  (If you know me this totally makes sense.)


Oh, Maine.  You are so wonderfully sucky.  The weather?  Crappy.  The scenery? Awesome.  The roads?  Train-wreck.  The people?  Utterly charming.   The tourist trap-ish prices?  Outrageous.  The food?  Heavenly.  See what I mean?  Wonderfully sucky.




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Despite the rain, the skin-ripping wind, and the soul crushing, dreary, cloudy sky, Maine was really quite lovely.



So here’s the summary:  Plates of seafood eaten: (some really large embarrasing number).



Number of Maine residents that apologized for the weather during our vacation: All of them.



Seashells picked up and packed on the bike and were broken on the way home: 3



Duration of visit at the visitor center discussing my family history: 1.25 hours.



Coastal islands driven on, walked upon, lounged around and photographed: 2



Number of lighthouses that made me happy-pants: 4



All in all, it was a fantastic visit to a great state from my family’s history.  Maybe someday I can go back when the damned rain quits.



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