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Aug 14th, 2012
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Vacation Day 2 (Better known as the day we tried to do and see ALL THE THINGS because our time was cut short and we had to return the next day)


One of the reasons why we chose Milwaukee was to visit the Harley Davidson museum.  Our trip a couple of years ago had taken us to the Harley factory in York, Pennsylvania (you can read about it here) and The Man got to see where his baby was born.  And by baby, I mean his Harley.  It was cool and interesting and not nearly as testosterone-filled as I had imagined, so an actual museum sounded like a neat place to soak in some biker history. I was also betting that they had a huge gift shop full of sparkly things for me to purchase.
                                                                           Extremely poor picture of the Harley museum.







The Iron Horse Hotel had graciously given us complimentary tickets to get into the museum, so not only were we super excited to be be doing actual vacation-y type things, but we were doing them FREE!  Which means more money for me to spend in the gift shop!  (If you should find out that the Iron Horse does this for all their guests, please don’t tell me.  I like to think that I’m special.)


Inside the museum, I took about 200 pictures (God bless digital cameras) and I’m gonna make you look at each one of them.  (Just kidding.)  I don’t know what happens to me when I go someplace that I should act all cool and interested, but I turn into THAT person.  You know, the one that takes a picture of every damned thing that doesn’t move and usually from a squatting/leaning/standing on my head position.  I’m artsy, ya’ll.

Bronze hill climber statue in front of the Harley museum, purchased by the Davidson family for the museum.







Inside was a biker’s dream.  From the first bikes to the newest models, and everything in-between, it was like walking through 100+ years of rubber, racing, righteous rides and ridiculousness.  (Alliteration WIN!)





















1942 WWII V-Twin used for military dispatch and courier service










Probably my favorite picture from the entire museum









Peter Fonda was not there, I looked.















Harley Davidson commemorated it’s 100th anniversary with this Ultra Classic Electra Glide with sidecar.  After it was built, it was dismantled and shipped all over the world, to be signed by the over 6,000 employees of the company.









After spending a couple of hours touring the museum and buying approximately 38 pounds of t-shirts and assorted gift-y type things,  we ventured over to the cafe.  All those made photography skills make a girl hungry.  The cafe did not disappoint.






This picture makes me hungry all over again.
















After our lovely meal, we had a few minutes to relax and plan our route home.  We met some other bikers while I was busy enjoying my drink with my feet up, and learned that they were on a five-week, cross country trip.  Someday, I thought.  Someday.




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